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Explore the connection between the environment and the arts through books, music, films, visual art, and more.
puma captured on a camera trap in Ecuador
Riveting Camera Trap Photos Create New Database of Amazon Wildlife
Botanical Bas Reliefs by Rachel Dein
Artist's Botanical Bas Reliefs Immortalize Beauty of Plants
rusty-patched bumblebee
Young Artists Capture the Beauty of Endangered Species
Biodiversity art by Zoe Keller
Artist's Incredibly Detailed Biodiversity Illustrations Merge Art With Science
polar bear mother with cubs
Famed Photographers Sell Prints for Relief in Ukraine
guanacos in Chilean Patagonia
Hosted by Barack Obama, Netflix Series Explores National Parks
Rear View Of Man Listening Music While Looking At Mountains By Lake
30 Sustainability Podcasts Worth a Listen
"There Are No Accidents" book cover
'There Are No Accidents' Is a Groundbreaking New Book That Will Change How You Look at the World
woven copper wire sculptures by Sally Blake
These Woven Metal Sculptures Are Inspired by Resilient Seed Pods
An image of flowers with celebrities in both corners.
Screenwriters Can Help Tackle the Climate Crisis Through Storytelling
starling murmurations
Photos Capture the Shape-Shifting Beauty of Starling Murmurations
man's hands with raptor
Young Photographers Share Images of Those Building a Better Future
recycled newspaper paper cut art Myriam Dion
Artist's Lace-Like Paper Cut Artworks Are Made With Recycled Newspapers
Heywood Hill bookshop
Bookstores Should Be an Essential Service
flamingos in water
Biologist Photographer Gets Up Close with Pink Flamingos
fox on porch, "In the Limelight"
Winning Images Focus on Wildlife, Climate Change, and Empathy
Charlie Brown and Sally with dandelion
Charlie Brown and Friends Celebrate the Environment
NOAA marine sanctuaries posters
Marine Sanctuaries Celebrate 50th Anniversary With Colorful Posters
sun inside a wave
Surfer Photographer Captures Power and Beauty of Waves
bike with flower mural
Photos Capture Erupting Volcanoes, Snowy Landscapes, and Quiet Moments in Nature
wild horses
Wild Horses, Polar Bears, and Volcanoes Win National Photo Awards
Eric remix of poster
Modern Take on WWII Poster Spotlights Why 'When You Drive a Car You Drive With Putin'
observing fox
Compelling Images of Nature Shine in Pro Photo Contest
great white shark
Winning Photos Capture Fascinating Life Underwater
Climate Change
There Is a New Boom in Climate-Related Coverage and Storytelling
Eudyptes chrysocome - Rockhopper Penguin
Meet All 18 Penguin Species in One Documentary
lake of ice
Breathtaking Icy Winter Scene of an Italian Lake Is People's Choice Photo Winner
monuments and full moon
Photographer Captures the Fascinating World From Dusk to Dawn
violin closeup
World’s First 'Vegan Violin' Crafted From Animal-Free Products
Lake Helen McKenzie on the 6th of January, 2021
Snow, Bears, and Waves Are Finalists in Youth Photo Awards
"Chambered Nautilus" and "Loggerhead Sea Turtle" paintings by Angela Manno
Artist Paints Endangered Species As Icons
Nature inspired paper cut art by Pippa Dyrlaga
Artist's Elaborate Paper Cut Art Emerges From Nature and Myth
"Little Red Flying Fox"
Artist Captures Beauty of Australia's Wildlife
Chuck Leavell sitting on a piano in the woods.
A Letter From Chuck Leavell, Treehugger's New Editor-At-Large
'Peeking possums' by Gary Meredith
10 Peeks at Nature From the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest
The study authors in front of a painting
Art Paints a Picture of Historical Fruits and Vegetables
Double-crested Cormorant
Birds Splash, Strut, and Dive in Winning Audubon Photos
Young woman leaning against tree in forest
Listen to Woodlands Around the World With This Forest Soundmap
A Good Spy Leaves No Trace
A Clean Tech Expert Uncovers the Story of Her CIA Spy, Oil Industry Father
anamorphic murals by Peeta
Artist's Mind-Bending Anamorphic Street Art Reimagines Urban Landscapes
Western lowland gorilla in cloud of butterflies
Moments of Zen and More Striking Images Win Nature Photo Awards
Chuck Leavell and piano in the trees
Ask Chuck: What Are Your Favorite Things About Living on a Tree Farm?
Striking Images Compete for Photo Awards
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais Joins 12-Month Global Campaign to Save Species on the Brink
cast metal sculptures of insects and cells by Dr. Allan Drummond
Molecular Biologist's Intricately Detailed Metal Sculptures Merge Art With Science
The People Vs Climate Change
What Happens When Members of the Public Are Asked to Solve the Climate Crisis?
paper art sculptures Makerie Studio
These Magnificent Paper Artworks Are Inspired by Nature and Fairytales
green tree frog
Comedy Photo Finalists Highlight Silliness in Wildlife
storm fox
Photos Highlight the Powerful Images Found in Nature
electron microscope photographs of pollen seeds fruit by Rob Kesseler
Artist's Microscope Photographs Reveal Intricate Details of Plants
Yusuke Asai, Courtesy of WULONG LANBA ART FESTIVAL 2019, ANOMALY
This Massive Mural of Mythic, Wild Forms Is Painted With Mud
Chuck Leavell and piano in the trees
Ask Chuck: How Can Rock 'n' Roll Inspire Environmental Activism?
carbon-neutral symphony
If You Can Hear This Music, Then Sea Level Rise Threatens Your City
Sarha the camel
A Camel Helps Photographers Capture Images in the Desert
Zooey Deschanel
Zooey Deschanel Talks to Treehugger About Making the World a Better Place
Paper cut artworks by Clare Celeste
Artist's Fantastical Paper Installations Are a 'Love Song' to Earth's Biodiversity
slime mold and fungi photography by Alison Pollack
Dazzling Macro Photographs Reveal the Magic of Tiny Fungi and Slime Molds
Stunning Wildlife Photos Boost Conservation Message
Actor and activist Jane Fond speaks at her last Washington, DC "Fire Drill Fridays" climate change protest and rally on Capitol Hill on January 10, 2020 in Washington, DC.
Jane Fonda’s 'Fire Drill Fridays' Continue to Spark Action on Climate Issues