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Wind Farm Sunset
Europe Generated More Electricity From Renewables Than Fossil Fuels in 2020
Consumption per capita vs GDP per capita
The World Has Two Energy Problems
Bosco Verticale, on the cover of IEA Report
International Energy Agency Calls for Serious Energy Conservation
Nanoleaf lines purple LED lighting
LEDs Have Evolved to Be More Than Just Lighting
bicycles in Stockholm
Efficiency Without Sufficiency Is Lost
Reinventing Energy Efficiency in a Net-Zero World
Filling tank in France
International Energy Agency Issues 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use
Conceptual rendering of solar panels spanning the 110 foot-wide TID Main Canal
California's 'Solar Canals' Will Save Water and Produce Clean Energy
Aluminum smelter in France is shut down due to high electricity costs
How Russia's War on Ukraine Affects 'Green' Aluminum
Nordstream 2 receiving
International Energy Agency's Plan to Reduce Russian Gas Consumption Would Work Anywhere
Geothermal plant in Iceland
You Can Have Geothermal Power Everywhere If You Drill Deep Enough
Corn grown for Ethanol
Ethanol Is Worse for Climate Than Gasoline, Study Finds
Making Brown Hydrogen in 1821
There Are More Colors of Hydrogen Than Green, Blue, and Gray—Meet Brown, Turquoise, and Purple
Looking at app on smart phone
The 4 Best Home Energy Monitors of 2022
Aerial photo of a solar photovoltaic plant
Renewable Energy Sees Strong Growth But Not Enough
Big Houses in Atlanta Suburb
We Have to Put Sufficiency First in a Low-Carbon World
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin in hand
Why Cryptocurrency Is Bad for the Environment
The microgrid officially built and began trial operation at the outpost of the Yellow Sea in Lianyungang,Jiangsu,China on 12th January, 2020
What Is a Microgrid? Definition, Applications, and Benefits
Fritz Haber
Should the Hydrogen Economy Actually Be an Ammonia Economy?
solar panels and wind turbines under blue sky on summer landscape
Wind and Solar Tech Is Not Growing Fast Enough to Meet Paris Agreement Goals
Jack's Solar Garden
Agrivoltaics Is a Win-Win for Clean Energy and Sustainable Agriculture
Wind turbines, International Appalachian Trail, Mars Hill, Aroostook County, Maine, USA
A New Tool to Balance Clean Energy and Wildlife Habitats
Part of the Tehachapi Pass wind farm, the first large scale wind farm area developed in the US, California, USA and a Joshua Tree.
US Renewable Energy Sees Record Growth
Outside battery building
World’s Largest Battery Facility Expanded
Government Announces National Hydrogen Strategy
Blue Hydrogen Study Finds It Isn't Climate-Friendly, Igniting Fierce Debate Over Emissions
A 48 turbine windfarm in Northern California
Most Americans Support Clean Energy, Poll Says
solar rooftop in california
Environmental Groups Call for More Rooftop Solar in California
A 48 turbine windfarm in Northern California
Clean Energy Standard Could Help Decarbonize US Power Sector
Commerce Photo Composite
The 7 Best Portable Solar Panels of 2022
Best Home Battery Storage Systems
The 6 Best Home Battery Storage Systems of 2022
Utility-Scale Solar Is 85% Cheaper Than in 2010
Fiddlers Ferry powerstation in Warrington,UK
Renewables Are the Cornerstone of Decarbonization, Report Says
A single Wind Catching unit produces enough electricity for 80,000 European households.
Will Windcatchers Revolutionize the Offshore Wind Energy Sector?
Photovoltaic panels are seen on November 22, 2020 in Stoke-on-Trent, England.
Bifacial Panels Key to Boosting Solar Energy Output
Ontario expanding access to natural gas
Ontario Spending CA$234 Million to Push Natural Gas into Rural Areas
Closed power plant UK
US Energy Consumption Dropped 7.3 Quads in 2020
A bulldozer operates atop a coal mound at the CCI Energy Slones Branch Terminal June 3, 2014 in Shelbiana, Kentucky.
G7 Countries to End Coal Financing This Year
off shore wind farm
Biden Greenlights First Large-Scale Offshore Wind Farm
Efficiency the first renewable energy
Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy
Amager Bakke from a distance
Even Europe Is Questioning Waste-to-Energy
Wind Blowing Pollution
How Electric Utilities' Climate Pledges Are Falling Short
Enbridge Hydrogen Storage Tank
Heat From Hydrogen Will Cost Twice As Much As Electricity, Study Finds
McAfee Knob on Appalachian Trail in Virginia
What's Next for the Problematic Mountain Valley Pipeline?
Texas Power lines
Is Energy Production Bias in Our DNA?
Jasper in front of fireplace
Should We Electrify Everything or Keep a Gas Backup?
Man with Portable Solar Charger Panel
The 6 Best Solar-Powered Phone Chargers of 2022
Yongxi Li holds up a sample of a transparent solar cell.
Glass Buildings May Turn Into Solar Power Plants
Enbridge Storage
'Gas is Over' Says European Union Bank President
Screwing in an LED lightbulb
The 7 Best LED Light Bulbs of 2022
Carbon recycling biofuel plant
Québec Plant Will Turn Green Hydrogen and Waste into Biofuel
Wind Turbines in Girvan, Scotland
Is Intermittency of Renewable Energy a Problem?
windmills and sailboats
How Can We Design For Intermittency?
Vision of Hydrogen
Canada Announces Blue and Green Hydrogen Strategy
Sunshine over solar panels
Green Hydrogen Is 'Sunshine in a Bottle'
Natural gas being flared
'Methane' Sounds Worse Than 'Natural Gas'
Green Hydrogen is made from wind power
What Color is Your Hydrogen?
6 Ways to Protect Bats and Birds From Wind Turbines
Cadet Ethan Dewart works with Ugandan construction worker to build a biogas digester dome with brick and mortar
Make Your Own DIY Biogas Digester
Shell Backs Off Arctic 'For the Foreseeable Future'