Learn about fascinating stories and discoveries throughout history, from the ancient world to the modern era.
Bits of sky show through a canopy of green trees in a forest.
What Is Deep Ecology? Philosophy, Principles, Criticism
Rows of combines harvest soybeans at a farm in Mato Grosso, Brazil with green fields on the periphery.
Green Revolution: History, Technologies, and Impact
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A Solar motor built by Aubrey Eneas in Pasadena, California.
Who Invented Solar Panels? Discover the History of Solar Energy
Activists demonstrating against global warming
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Diplocaulus, extinct amphibian from the Late Carboniferous to Permian period
What Caused the Permian Extinction?
Sandford Fleming
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The Language of Flowers and Herbs: 71 Plants and Their Meanings
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Cesar Chavez
10 Things You May Not Know About Cesar Chavez
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12 Amazing Message-In-A-Bottle Stories
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The Lost Towns Under Lake Murray
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Why Does Autumn Have Two Names?
silver spider christmas ornament nestled in green Ukrainian tree
The Story Behind Spider Christmas Ornaments
Will This Century-Old Ship Go Over Niagara Falls?
forest floor filled with green ferns and bottoms of tree trunks
8 of the Oldest Forests in the World
Mayan ruins against blue sky in Tulum, Mexico
8 Ancient Environmental Disasters Caused by Humans
9 Trailblazing Female Explorers
Prince's palace of Monaco
10 Countries Where Royalty Still Rules
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The Spooky History of Bell Witch Cave
6 Great Treasures Found With a Metal Detector
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Johnny Appleseed
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Tipis: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask
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11 Christmas Traditions We Don't Have in the U.S.
11 Cultural Traditions Protected by UNESCO
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