Let’s Give Mother Earth a Hand

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Lake in the background, words "Mother Earth" in the foreground
With a focus on the good energy generated by corporate citizens in many industries, Southern Company has created a platform to shine a spotlight on the positive environmental efforts and the sustainability-related jobs that need filling to continue the progress.

Giving Mother Nature a Hand

Climate change is personal. Our solutions must be collaborative.

That’s why Southern Company has launched a platform highlighting environmental solutions and job opportunities that will keep the good momentum going.

It’s called Mother Earth to emphasize how personal the climate crisis is, from the signals of change each person experiences every day to our shared interest in securing the planet's future.

Mother Earth will harness the good energy that Southern Company and other corporate citizens are putting toward our planet and focusing on the many environmental job and volunteer opportunities available. Working together, we can change the narrative around climate change.

The responsibility of caring for Mother Earth falls on all our shoulders. 

The Mother Earth Campaign: Information and Opportunity

Individuals and companies interested in sustainability should visit and follow the LinkedIn showcase page and join in by sharing environmental solutions, ideas and job openings.

“We hope this campaign will reach and inspire individuals, jobseekers and volunteers who care about the environment but may feel overwhelmed about where to begin,” said Southern Company Brand Director, Emily O’Brien. “Protecting our planet is a job we all must take on, and the Mother Earth platform opens the door to real, meaningful action.”

Each week in April, the Mother Earth campaign will focus on key themes, including the human side of climate change, resilience, net zero and smart solutions.

For example, did you know that over the past 15 years, Southern Company has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 50%? Southern Company is advancing a net zero by 2050 goal.

In order to reach this goal, the company is focused on transitioning its generating fleet, making the necessary related investments in transmission and distribution grids, advancing energy efficiency and investing in clean energy technologies.

When each of us share our sustainability successes, we can help spark new ideas and conversations.

So share your own solutions during Earth Month.

Environmentally Related Job and Volunteer Openings

The sustainability-related opportunities hub, called Mother Earth is Hiring, is a snapshot of the many LinkedIn openings related to the environment and climate change solutions – a one-stop shop for positions that play a role in creating positive environmental change.

Did you know there are more than 305,000 U.S. jobs and volunteer opportunities connected to sustainability available right now? New opportunities appear every day.

“Southern Company’s efforts to raise awareness of the need for more partners and people to help address the impacts of a changing climate is commendable,” said National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) Southern Regional Director, Jay Jensen. 

“We hope Southern Company’s long history of support for wildlife, biodiversity, and all things conservation will inspire individuals and other corporations to become more involved in supporting landscape-scale restoration and conserving our nation’s natural heritage. For nearly 20 years Southern Company has supported NFWF efforts and has contributed to restoring, sustaining and enhancing over 1.7 million acres of wildlife habitat. Southern Company’s two decades of support of NFWF reinforces that we all can make a difference when working together to protect and restore America’s amazing and irreplaceable natural resources.”

To learn more about Southern Company’s sustainability priorities visit https://www.southerncompany.com/sustainability.html.

The responsibility to care for Mother Earth does not belong to any one person. It belongs to us all.