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Deepen your understanding of the natural world by learning about biology, chemistry, physics, and geology.
Jacquemontia cumanensis.
5 New Plant Species Discovered in Bolivia
A glacier towers above a hiker at sunset.
How Do Glaciers, Ice Sheets, and Sea Ice Differ?
This Scientific Breakthrough Could Jumpstart the Revival of the Great American Barrier Reef
A lunar halo shines above a farm house in winter.
What Causes a Ring to Appear Around the Moon?
Aerial view of a surfer riding an ocean wave.
What Causes Waves in the Ocean? Energy Analysis and Wave Types
Close-up of a full moon over a wheat field at dusk.
What Is a Harvest Moon?
Close-up of Poison Ivy growing on a tree (Toxicodendron radicans)
Climate Change Could Make Poison Ivy Grow 150% Faster
Frosted tundra rose
15 Unique Types of Tundra Plants
The full moon rises over the hills shrouded in smoke from wildfires on July 22, 2021 in Bly, Oregon. The Bootleg Fire, which started on July 6th near Beatty, Oregon, has burned over 399,000 acres and is currently 38 percent contained.
Smoke From US Wildfires Is Turning the Moon an Eerie Color
Bryum bharatiensis
New Plant Species Discovered in Antarctica
Lingonberry leaves in the snow
15 Taiga Plants That Thrive in the Boreal Forest
A diversity of large animals in an African grassland.
3 Types of Biodiversity: Overview and Importance
Who needs fireworks when you can see the Milky Way above Cannon Beach, Oregon?
What to See in the Night Sky in July
A handsome man looking at something intently through inoculars
What Is Citizen Science? History, Practices, and Impact
Bird foraging wild fruit in natural
Why Is Seed Dispersal Important for Forest Restoration?
What Is an Indicator Species? Definition and Examples
An ash cloud rises from a volcano at sunrise
Why Do Volcanoes Erupt?
Dominant wild boar
Invasive Species: Wild Boar
Close up of a brown marmorated sink bug
Invasive Species: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Artistic rendition of dinosaurs 125 million years ago
Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Gave Rise to the Rainforests
Cherry Blossoms Bloom In Tokyo
Japan's Cherry Blossoms Hit Earliest Peak Bloom in 1,200 Years
Some species of bats use echolocation to hunt at night
What Is Echolocation? Definition and Examples in the Animal and Human Worlds
Flowering cherry branch with approaching bee
What Is Phenology, and Why Is It Important?
Blue Tears bioluminescent algae in Taiwan
Bioluminescent Algae: Definition, Causes, and Toxicity
The Blue Hour children's book Isabelle Simler Éditions courtes et longues, 2015
Illustrator's Dazzling Work Highlights the Magic of Blue, Nature's Rarest Color
Green shore crab attacking limpet
Green Crab: What You Should Know About this Invasive Species
Historic Art Deco District in South Beach, Miami, USA
Miami Beach to Swap Out Palm Trees
Asian Shore Crab
Asian Shore Crab: What You Should Know About This Invasive Species
Seagrass and fish in water, Santa Cruz Island, California, USA
What Are Biotic and Abiotic Factors in an Ecosystem?
Fishing. Big carp fish jumping with splashing in water
Invasive Species: Why Are Asian Carp a Problem?
Light and dark peppered moths against a stone wall
What Is Industrial Melanism?
Terraforms photo-collages Josh Dykgraaf
Artist's Hyper-Realistic Photo-Collages Merge Flora With Fauna
Jess Phoenix in the middle of a block lava flow in California.
Step Inside the Mind of a Volcanologist
ZEBRA MUSSEL Colony (Dreissena polymorpha)
Zebra Mussels: What You Should Know
Coral Bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
What Causes Coral Bleaching, and Can Our Reefs Recover?
Maroon Bells mountain peaks & aspen trees in autumn color
Famous Quaking Aspens Expected to Be Hit by Climate Change
Giant Titan Arum Flower Blooms In Basel
The Corpse Flower: Description, Life Cycle, Facts, and More
Franklin Tree, (Franklinia alatamaha), Possibly Extinct (GX) in the Wild. —a cultivated example of this species as no known wild individuals exist.
More Plants Are Going Extinct Than We Previously Thought
Close-up of a copsed tree
The Permaculture Practice of Wood Coppicing
Rocks with diagrams plotting their shapes
Earth is Made of Cubes
What Is a Pioneer Species? Definition and Examples
windswept trees
Welcome to the Odditree Society
diver and fish on Great Barrier Reef
Underwater Reef 'Music' Attracts Young Fish to Degraded Coral
Nashville Zoo corpse flower
Stinky, Gorgeous Corpse Flower Blooms at Nashville Zoo
9.07-carat diamond
Man Finds 9-Carat Diamond at Arkansas State Park
Something Very Big and Very Dark Punched a Hole in Our Galaxy
8 Interesting Facts About Lucy the Ancient Ape
profile shot domesticated dairy cow with bell collar in front of small village
What Is Selective Breeding?
5 dangerous volcanoes in the US
18 of the Most Dangerous Volcanoes in the U.S.
close shot of wildflowers in field, including yellow and purple.
5 Reasons Why Biodiversity Is a Big Deal
profile of neanderthal statue holding staff near face in sunlight
10 Surprising Facts About Neanderthals
boreal forest in Canada
30 Fascinating Facts About the Boreal Forest
illustration showing the four factors that contribute to leaf size
Why Do Leaves Have Such Different Shapes?
Forest of trees
Trees Talk to Each Other and Recognize Their Offspring
French Broad River and dirt road, Hot Springs, NC
How Do Trees Survive Winter? The Science of Dormancy
Melting Ice Reveals Lost Viking Highway's Secrets
Young Orcas Eat Better and Live Longer When Grandma Is Around
Humans Built These Mystery Circles From Mammoth Bones 20,000 Years Ago
When Honeybees Get Stuck in Water, They Create Their Own Waves and 'Surf' to Safety

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