Planet Earth

From complex weather systems to the great outdoors and how to conserve it, Planet Earth is the home we share with all living creatures.
seismic activity charts
Earth's Seismic Activity Was Reduced by 50% During Lockdown
A view of green snow in the Antarctic Peninsula.
There's So Much 'Green Snow' in the Antarctic, You Can See It From Space
New Zealand Is Sitting on Top of a Massive Bubble of Lava From an Ancient Volcano
laptop in nature with blank screen
There's a Little Less Nature Online for World Wildlife Day
Franklinia alatamaha
10 Extinct Plants With a Fascinating History
The Three foot rock islands, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, Yemen
Red Sea Oil Tanker Could Leave 10 Million Without Clean Water and Harm Ecosystems
Coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef during a mass bleaching event.
Why Are Coral Reefs Dying? And What You Can Do to Help Save Them
Soft Corals Coral Bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef
Half of the Planet's Coral Reefs Have Been Lost Since 1950
Northernmost island
Scientists Accidentally Discover New Northernmost Island On Earth
Close-up of a full moon over a wheat field at dusk.
What Is a Harvest Moon?
The Amazon rainforest in Brazil
The 10 Largest Forests in the World
Varenna on shore of Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy
Italy’s Famed Lake Como Records Lowest-Ever Water Levels
Corals underwater
Generation Restoration Is Taking Sustainable Action to Save the Ecosystem
Amazon Deforestation for Cattle
Deforestation of Amazon Rainforest Accelerates Under Brazil’s Bolsonaro
Close up on man Man extinguishes the cigarette in the ash tray quitting no smoking lung health problems
How Does the Tobacco Industry Affect the Environment? New Brief Sheds Insight
Bits of sky show through a canopy of green trees in a forest.
What Is Deep Ecology? Philosophy, Principles, Criticism
Cargo ship at sea with brownish fumes coming from a container amidships
Sri Lanka Confronts Environmental Consequences of Cargo Ship Disaster
Forest fire creating large amounts of smoke
Rocky Mountain Forests Are Burning More Than Ever
An aerial view of a wetland constructed in an urban area.
What Are Constructed Wetlands? Why Are They Important?
Full frame of a beautiful colorful orange sky with clouds at sunset
Earth Is Trapping 'Unprecedented' Amount of Heat, Says NASA
Tuolumne River
California Water Use Threatens Biodiversity in the Long Term
New York New York Hotel and Casino (dusk)
Las Vegas Bans Decorative Grass to Conserve Water
RC Harris Water Treatment Plant
The Carbon Footprint of Tap Water Is a Lot Higher Than You Think
A small shipwreck with a snorkeler diving down from the surface.
Do Shipwrecks Help or Harm Marine Life?
Part of a raindrop's journey through Northern California
Drop a Raindrop on This Magical Map and Watch Its Journey to the Ocean
Tall, thin trees emerging from light blue waters in a mountain lake.
12 Unbelievable Submerged and Underwater Forests Around the World
Denali Mountain
The 12 Tallest Mountains in the United States
Everest Base Camp trekking in Nepal
The 15 Tallest Mountains in the World
Amazon River, Near Belem
12 Fascinating Facts About the Amazon River
Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg, Germany occupies over 2,000 square miles
Woods vs. Forest: What’s the Difference?
Protected ecological carbon capture mangrove in Everglade City, Florida.
What Is Blue Carbon? Definition and Importance
Underwater Landscape
Deep-Sea Mining: Process, Regulations, and Impact
Cherry Street, Toronto
This Program Recognizes Cities That Prioritize Their Trees
The middle of a forest fire
Controlled Burns: Pros and Cons
Burnt trees and a meadow with wildflowers.
What Are Controlled Burns and Why Are They Necessary?
A landscape of dying trees and eroded soil sits under a fair sky.
What Is Desertification, and Where Is It Happening?
A view of the Dead Sea and its salt deposits.
Why Is the Dead Sea Called the Dead Sea?
Underwater Ellisella Gorgonian sea fan coral a carbon capture system
What Is Ocean Acidification? Definition and Impact
Skyscraper buildings in the sun.
What Is an Urban Heat Island?
View of the Chaparral
What Is Chaparral?
Close up of mammoth skeleton on dark background
Climate Change Likely Drove Large Animal Extinction
Geneva Under Thunder
Winning Photographs from Around the World Focus on Nature
Mapping image of new reef.
Coral Reef Taller Than Empire State Building Discovered in Australia
9 Interesting Facts About the Nile River
Why the Search for Life on Other Planets Depends on Hydrogen
Kudzu taking over a forest
The Story Behind Kudzu, the Vine That's Still Eating the South
close shot of majestic tree trunk in forest
20 Reasons Why Forests Are Important
Low Angle View Of Palm Trees Against Blue Sk
10 Surprising Facts About Palm Trees
Cherry blossoms with a bird sitting on a branch
7 Enlightening Facts About the Vernal Equinox
Sequoia sempervirens forest
11 Facts About Coast Redwoods, the Tallest Trees in the World
Invasive kudzu covering the ground and trees in Charleston, Mississippi
Kudzu: The Invasive Plant That Took Over the Southern United States
closeup bright blue pool water
36 Eye-Opening Facts About Water
Border Wall Construction Begins in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
A Timeline of the Distant Future for Life on Earth
Bees and Wildflowers May Bounce Back as Roadsides Go Untrimmed
Snowflake glittering on dark textured background
13 Perfect Snowflakes Captured in Photos
5 Cool Facts About Australia's Mystical Uluru
two mature trees grow together in forest with thick exposed roots
15 Astounding Facts About Trees
Stinger leaf of the gympie-gympie plant
This Plant's Excruciating Sting Can Drive Humans Mad