Understand how wildlife and humans interact around the planet and what we can do to give creatures of all kinds the space they deserve.
wild stallion Chip at Black Beauty sanctuary
Wild Stallion Moved to Sanctuary After Becoming Too Bold
veterinarians work with an oryx in Namibia
Young Veterinarians Get Hands-On Training With Wildlife in Africa
baby leatherback turtles
Why Baby Leatherback Turtles Have Trouble Finding the Sea
monarch butterfly at dusk
Light Pollution Can Interfere With Butterfly Migration
Przewalski's horse in a field
Horses and Pigs Hear Positive and Negative Emotions
C. elegans worm (right) escaping the predatory P. pacificus worm
Tiny Worms Can Make Complicated Decisions
coral reef in the maldives with fish and sea life surrounding it
Coral Reef Connectivity Is Essential for Conservation Efforts
Ceratina bee visits a black-eyed Susan blossom
Bumblebees and Honeybees Aren't the Only Key Bees
newly described snake in Paraguay
Vivid Snake Is Newly Described and Likely Already Endangered
dolphin with fungal infection
Dolphins Use Corals as Medicine Cabinets
weaver bird with elaborate nest
Vegetarian Birds Are More Social Than Carnivorous Ones
jewel beetle
How Beetle Iridescence Can Hide Them and Scare Predators
spider underwater
This Spider Can Hide Underwater From Predators for 30 Minutes
ash tree with at-risk warning tape
Invasive Insects Will Kill 1.4 Million Urban Trees by 2050
greater mouse eared rat
These Bats Buzz Like Hornets to Scare Off Predators
possum in tree
Are Opossums Actually Cute and Cuddly?
Park rangers use field guides to identify butterflies
Park Rangers Use Butterflies to Measure Biodiversity
Newly discovered frog on a Mexican 10 pesos coin
6 New Tiny Frog Species Discovered in Mexico
Stingless bees in the Amazon
Stingless Bees Help Rainforest and Local Communities
orb-weaving spiders mating
These Male Spiders Acrobatically Catapult to Avoid Sexual Cannibalism
African elephant mother and calf
New Elephant Moms and Babies Don't Rest After Birth
Bahamian rock iguana
How Tourists Are Hurting Rock Iguanas in the Bahamas
stray cat outside
What's the Best Way to Manage Free-Roaming Cats?
squirrel is groomed with a mascara wand
Repurposed Mascara Wands Help Orphaned Wildlife
octopus swimming
Do Octopuses Have Emotions?
cedar waxwings in nest
Birds Are Laying Eggs Earlier Likely Due to Climate Change
snowy American pika
Conservation Photographer and Researcher Focuses on Pikas
Florida manatee swimming
What Happens to Manatees When Seagrass Dies Off?
Vespa mandarinia
Researchers Find Way to Track and Trap Giant Hornets Using Sex Pheromones
spongy moth or Lymantria dispar
Spongy Moth Is the New Name for This Invasive Species
social spider in a web
Some Spiders Hunt in Packs in Catch Prey
Fiddler crab with large claw
How Cheating Helps Animals Win Battles
Basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus), underwater view, Baltimore, Cork, Ireland
There's Been a Great Decline in Basking Shark Sightings in California
tapir frog
Elusive Big-Nosed Blobby Frog Found in Peru
Golden Eagle
Lead Poisoning Is Challenging Bald and Golden Eagle Populations
Prothonotary Warbler Perched on Branch
Get Outside for the Great Backyard Bird Count
aardvark baby Dobby with mom
Here's Dobby, a Baby Aardvark Named for the Beloved 'Harry Potter' Character
Ultramarine Flycatcher in Thailand
Big-Brained Birds Aren't Shrinking As Much With Climate Change
Sangita Iyer with elephant
Conservationist Advocates for Asian Elephants in Her Hometown
Goldfish swimming with mouth open
Fish Talk More Than You Think
Rodney Stotts with Mr. Hoots
Master Falconer Gives Birds Second Chances
Humpback whale foraging at the sea surface, Norway
Why Whales Don't Drown When They Eat
Beaver gathering winter stock of wood
Beavers Are on the Move and It's Changing the Landscape
Western burrowing owl
How Fake Calls and Paint Splatters Help Owls Relocate
Pumas Interact With Nearly 500 Different Species
A new species of leafhopper found in Uganda
Rare Metallic-Looking Insect Found in Uganda
Megophrys frigida
224 New Species Discovered in Asia and Some Are Already Threatened
A hippo, Hippopotamus amphibius, yawns in a green waterhole
Hippos Recognize the Wheeze-Honk of Strangers and Friends
eastern double-collared sunbird
Some Birds May Have Been Singing the Same Song for 1 Million Years
American robin with berry
Lost Animal Species Can Have Massive Impact on Plant Survival
Pigeon guillemot (Cepphus columba) coated in oil
Ruptured Pipeline Spills 300,000 Gallons of Diesel, Killing Thousands of Animals in Louisiana
Jaguar, panthera onca, Mother with Cub
Female Jaguars Use Hide and Flirt Tactics to Protect Their Cubs
Greta Thunberg's rainfrog
Newly Discovered Rainfrog Named After Greta Thunberg
Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devils Are Picky Eaters With Individualistic Food Preferences
Western harvest mouse feeds on a monarch butterfly
California Mice Dine on Toxin-Filled Monarch Butterflies Without Getting Poisoned
10 lost birds
Scientists Search for 10 Elusive Bird Species That Have Been Lost for Years
Baby hedgehog
Sucking DNA From Air Can Revolutionize How Researchers Track Biodiversity
Risso's dolphin
Dolphins Perform Elaborate Spin Dives to Hunt Prey
Side view of polar bear walking on snow-covered land
Melting Sea Ice Forces Polar Bears to Travel Farther to Survive

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